Compassionate Tooth Extraction in Fontana

At Smile Care Family Dental in Fontana, our priority is preserving your natural teeth. However, there are situations where a tooth extraction is necessary to improve the overall condition of your smile. Our team has extensive experience providing safe, gentle tooth removal services, and we're here to help you with your problematic tooth. We're dedicated to enhancing your dental health, relieving pain, and restoring the brilliance of your smile with a gentle touch.

We know the prospect of getting a tooth pulled can be intimidating. That's why our team works to create a welcoming practice environment. From the reception area to our dental chairs, we're here to help you through any dental anxiety you might be feeling. We don't stop there, either. Our team will be by your side to help with post-extraction care and restorative dental services to replace your extracted teeth when you're ready. Contact us today to schedule your Fontana tooth extraction and get your dental health back on track.


Tailored Tooth Extraction Services

We offer a comprehensive range of extraction services tailored to your specific needs. One of the cornerstones of how we practice dentistry is providing services with integrity. We'll never push unnecessary treatments and always do what we can to preserve your natural teeth. After a thorough examination of your smile and problem tooth, we can offer both surgical and simple extractions, depending on your needs.

While we can perform a wide range of extractions, we collaborate with specialists to ensure you get the care you need for complex cases like impacted wisdom teeth. We also prioritize socket preservation and can provide bone grafts to set you up for a healthy foundation for dental implants or other restorative options.

Recognizing the Need for Tooth Removal

When you have a tooth causing problems in your smile, visiting our practice sooner rather than later is important. Often, the longer you wait, the worse the issues with your teeth can become and the more expensive the remedy could be. Our approach to dental care is comprehensive, considering a wide range of possible options before recommending an extraction. Common indicators that you might need tooth or wisdom tooth removal include:

  • Severe tooth damage or breakage
  • Failed previous dental treatments
  • Risk of infection spreading from a tooth
  • Tooth loosening due to gum disease
  • Preparing for orthodontic treatments or dental implants
  • Crowded teeth requiring space
  • Dental health optimization needs
  • Pain from incoming wisdom teeth

Our Tooth Extraction Process

When you come in for an extraction, we'll begin with a detailed consultation where we discuss your symptoms and concerns. Employing modern diagnostic tools, we assess your dental condition to come up with an effective extraction plan. Our team knows patients can sometimes experience anxiety around extractions, and we're always happy to talk to you about concerns. When you visit our practice, you can be sure that we'll never rush your procedure, so you can feel confident you're getting the attentive services you need.

Once we've accessed your problem tooth, we'll use specially designed dental tools to extract it. These tools help make the extraction process more efficient, so you can get back to your daily life that much faster. After your tooth or wisdom tooth removal, we offer various services to promote your oral health moving forward.

Promoting Future Oral Health With Socket Preservation

Your overall oral health is our priority at Smile Care Family Dental, especially after tooth extractions. We use bone grafting to promote your smile's long-term health. This procedure significantly benefits you by preserving your jawbone's health and stability after an extraction. It's a forward-thinking approach to make sure your mouth remains ready for potential future treatments, like dental implants. By incorporating bone grafts into our approach, we create a solid foundation for completing your smile and replacing missing teeth.

Getting To a Vibrant Smile Post-Extraction

After your tooth extraction, we offer several options for returning you to excellent oral function and aesthetics. From dental bridges to implant-supported restorations, our options cater to your specific needs. We also offer skilled cosmetic services that can be performed in tandem with your restorative procedures. We aim to provide you with a smile you love and want to show off whenever possible.

Your Trusted Partner for Tooth Extractions in Fontana

Smile Care Family Dental is your modern and friendly Fontana dental team. We're passionate about providing care that combines modern dental tools and techniques with a warm and welcoming office environment. We strive to build lasting relationships and look forward to being your choice for dental care for years to come. Contact us today to take the first step towards a healthier, happier smile with our gentle tooth extraction services in Fontana.


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